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Basic Skills for Work

Combined Basic Skills and Communication Training for Low-Skilled Workers in Five Different European Work Sectors

In the past years, the issue of "Basic Skills" has gained particular attention in most European countries. Of particular concern are what is generally called "functional literacy" and "functional numeracy". Respective numbers are alarming: At least one out of four adults in Europe fails to reach minimum literacy levels for coping with everyday life and work in a complex, advanced society.

Specific trainings are needed

There are specific training needs for certain work sectors, as demand for unskilled and low-skilled workers is declining. The increasing complexity of work processes requires higher literacy, numeracy and communication skills also at the lowest work levels, especially to meet quality and safety aspects.The main products of the project are training materials and curricula for five sectors where so far no workplace training concepts for basic skills and communication skills are available: hospital and care, construction and environment, tourism and leisure, cleaning, railway transport.



The newsletter of the project provides information about the activities and outcomes. It is availible for free download.